Harram Khuddam Hujjaj  is proud to be a reliable TRAVEL AGENCY and the most innovative and creative TOUR OPERATOR in Pakistan. As one of the top outbound agent for Hajj and Umrah services in the country, we have been crafting memorable and creative experiences for our valued clients.

We deliver quality services at affordable prices.  we strongly value requirements of travelers and always try to win their trust by providing them better services.


We organize individual journey as well as in groups. Group booking can be arranged for multinational companies, Agents and on family basis.

We have been providing Hajj Service since the vary time private hajj tour operations started in Pakistan. We are licensed with Pakistan government via enrollment number 4104. Our experienced staff accompanies the group of our pilgrims on Hajj

What Makes Harram Khuddam-e-Hujjaj Different from others?
With over 34 years of experience in Hajj & Umrah services, Harram Khuddam-e-Hujjaj is highly dedicated, motivated and continuously improve the standard of services to the blessed guests of Allah the Al-Mighty. We value our clients and take a pride to serving them in the most proper way. We make it our priority to ensure a comfortable Hajj & Umrah experience. Considering our low prices you will agree that we provide extraordinary services. So choose wisely, be with Leaders in this business.
Choose Harram Khuddam-e-Hujjaj Hajj & Umrah Group.